What Does Voice Reveal About Lung Function?

Donate your voice to see yourLung Performance Report™
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Recording your voice provides a personal baseline and will help us answer questions like these in the future

  • virus

    Do you have a respiratory infection like the flu, pneumonia, or COVID-19?

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    Do you have a chronic lung disease like COPD or asthma?

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    Is your situation deteriorating, stable, or improving?

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    Should you seek urgent medical attention?

How it works

Voice and breath sounds involve the intricate anatomy of our complex vocal and respiratory tracts. These sounds carry important signals that are both unique to each of us and highly correlated with our well-being.

Using innovative AI and digital signal processing technology, our team is unlocking this information to revolutionize the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory infections and chronic lung diseases.

Record Your Voice

  • Advance the science of voice-enabled health monitoring
  • Receive your personalized free Lung Performance Report™
  • Establish a baseline for future comparison

Encourage friends and family to create their own baseline Lung Performance Report™